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Nov 26, 2009 - Kuusamo, Finland World Cup Opening PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fairall   
Thursday, 26 November 2009 05:46

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am currently in Kuusamo, Finland at the World Cup Opening. I arrived here Tuesday evening, after 4 days of traveling. Our team left Park City the morning of the 21st for Europe. After arriving in Munich, on the 22nd, we drove to Austria to pick up our new jump suits for the season. We spent the night in Austria and early the next morning we went to Starl (the company that makes our suits) to get our suits properly fitted. After fitting out suits and eating lunch with Helga and Franz Starl, (owners of the company) we drove back to Munich to catch a late flight to Helsinki. Once arriving in Helsinki, we spent the night to catch the only flight to Kuusamo the next day.

Despite taking a bunch of immune boosters, traveling about 90+ hours took its toll on me and I got pretty sick once arriving in Finland. Being sick and jetlagged, do not mix very well so I have been pretty tired all week. I have been trying to keep away from everyone else on the team to prevent everyone from getting sick and so far it has been working. This morning was the best I have felt so I have been getting better, which is good because there is Official Training and Qualification tonight.

Every team was been able to get training jumps on the K120. The training session didn’t go as well as I wanted but I haven’t jumped this hill before so it was more of a test session. It was a lot of fun getting back on to a big hill. There is a lot more air pressure here than there was in Park city because of the density altitude. The elevation of the jumps in Park City is greater than 6000 feet and in Kuusamo is much closer to sea level. Because of this, it feels like there is a much bigger cushion of air under your skis to float on.

Although I am still recovering from being sick, I feel confident that I can perform
this weekend and I know I have the ability to do well. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!


Thanks again,



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