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Dec 7, 2009 - Lillehammer, Norway - World Cup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fairall   
Monday, 07 December 2009 05:42



Well, I cannot say that I am satisfied with my performances these past couple weekends. I was struggling in Kuusamo, Finland to find the right technique but was unable to find something that worked and despite having very productive training sessions this week in Lillehammer, Norway, I still could not bring it all together for the World Cup this weekend.

We left Kuusamo in the evening on Sunday the 29th to fly to Oslo. Our flight was delayed for about one hour. Because of the delay, we missed our flight from Helsinki to Oslo. The flight we were scheduled on, just so happened to be the last flight of the night, so we were required to book a hotel in Helsinki and catch a flight out the next day. We arrived in Lillehammer approximately 26 hours after we left Kuusamo. I don’t know if we are just unlucky when it comes to traveling, but the most important thing that I have learn from my years of traveling, is that things will go wrong, so expect them.


While other teams left a little after lunch and arrived in Lillehammer for a late dinner on the same day, all I could do was just laugh at the fact that it took us over a day to arrive. The weather in Lillehammer was perfect during the week. It made for some great training and it allowed me to work on my technique. I was able to get in five training sessions throughout the week. All but one session was productive but I was able to learn from the mistakes and made the corrections I needed in later sessions. I was feeling confidant and relaxed going into official training and qualification.


But as it turns out, when it was time to “throw down,” I dropped the ball. I had no clue what was going on. All I knew was that the feelings and senses I had while going down the inrun didn’t seem right. After the competition, I was totally baffled. I was trying to keep my mind clear, my body relaxed, and just going out and jumping. That’s where my problem was: I was TOO relaxed. I wasn’t focusing on my jump, so when I was heading down the inrun, it was to late when I realized that it was time to actually jump and I had to play catch up. All of this resulted in me forcing my takeoff and using too much of my upper body and not properly using my legs.


I have always thought of myself as a competitor, I have been able to jump BETTER in competitions more often than I have in training. I have taken pride in my ability to “compete.” But through this past summer and beginning of this winter, I was wondering why my competitions have always felt so different. Yesterday, I had a brief talk with the Nordic Combined coach, Chris Gilbertson. He mentioned how he would sometimes have the problem of ‘trying new things’ in competitions, and not jumping how you would in training.

This made me think, not just only about this weekend, but also in the competitions throughout this past summer. I found one common factor in all the competitions I can remember from the summer; the awareness that I had in Comps were a lot different then the feelings I had in Training. Thinking about it deeper, I was never nervous during the comps and also my focus on my competition jumps was never really at 100%. Long story short, I was always too relaxed and not focused on my jumps at hand, not like in training, where I would focus on finding and maintaining the correct feelings involved with a good ski jump.


I have a few more days in Lillehammer before traveling to Vikersund, Norway. I will use these days intently and look at every jump as if it were a competition, staying focused on the task in front of me. It is still only the beginning of the season and there is still a lot more jumping. I WILL do my best at keeping my Head Up, Learning from my Mistakes, and Moving on.



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