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Dec 14, 2009- Vikersund, Norway PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fairall   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 04:06


I Submitted this article a little late, but it is from Dec 8th - Dec 14th in Vikersund, Norway.


I took the Train from Lillehammer to Drammen on Tuesday the 8th. The hotel I stayed at in Drammen was about 45 minutes away from the Vikersund Ski Jumps, making it a little more complicated to travel to the jumps with all your equipment when you don’t have a vehicle. I was able to talk to some of my Norwegian friends and was able to contact a coach from Holmenkollen. He was able to pick me up in Drammen and allowed me to train with his team for the day. I was by myself in Vikersund because Jochen and Zander stayed in Lillehammer for training and were flying back to central Europe a day later. It was good to train with the Kollenhopp team and it was also good to train with another coach. It allowed me to look at my technique in a different way and let me focus on something other than the same things I have always been working on.

I have only worked with a couple of Norwegian coaches but I have noticed a couple of things, they seem to be on the same page in terms of coaching and they all focus on the BASICS. They tell you what you did wrong but they also told you WHY you did it wrong, and it usually is because you didn’t have the basics right. During my training session, I learned that I have to work on my inrun position a lot more than I had originally thought. In order to have a good take-off, you have to have a good inrun position; in order to have a good inrun, you have to set it in correctly from the start bar. So I have been working on properly setting in my inrun. I made Improvements throughout the day but it takes some time to make new improvements second nature.


The the US team that was in Rovanemi Finland for the Continental Cup, arrived in Drammen on Thursday night, along with the US Women’s team. During the first competition, I absolutely screwed up my first comp jump because I didn’t properly set my inrun and I had to force everything on the take-off. In the second competition, I had a better jump but I still didn’t have very good technique. I wasn’t very happy with my results but I know there is a lot more work to be done and I have to put any bad results behind me, learn from it and move forward.


We are heading to Otepää, Estonia for another Continental Cup this week and I am excited to go because I have never been to Estonia. This will be a new experience and I am looking forward to what is in store before the Christmas Holiday.





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