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Aug 30, 2010- Ramsau, Austria PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fairall   
Monday, 30 August 2010 13:06

Just so you know, as I write this, it is snowing in the mountains only 300 meters above my current elevation (1200 meters), reminding us on how quickly winter will be upon us.


I traveled to Ramsau, Austria on August 16th for three weeks of training in Austria. My friend, Andreas Mitter, lives in Ramsau and has given me a place to stay for the three weeks that I am here. I am staying at the Bergschlößl, the Pension that Andi’s parents own. I am living his brother’s room in the basement and I am helping ‘Familie Mitter’ around the house/pension with various tasks. Andi and I have currently been renovating one of the rooms, only to run into a minor speed bump of using highly toxic outside paint in a small confined room. After removing the wall completely, killing thousands of brain cells, and starting over, we finally got the room looking pretty reasonable. Between all the various household tasks, I have been jumping throughout the past two weeks with Andreas. Andreas is the coach for the Austrian B-Team and I am thankful for allowing me to train with him while he is in Ramsau. (along with supplying me with a place to live.)


On the hill, I have been working on setting a proper inrun position with the balance on top instead of having the balance set behind. The weeks before coming to Europe, I was in Park city for about three weeks for U.S. Nationals and for a training camp. There were improvements made in training and they were steps in the right direction. Unfortunately, during the competition, I tried to hard and tried to force things, which does not help in ski jumping. Placing 9th on the K90 and 11th on the K120 were not the results I wanted. I knew that there would be a lot of work to do in the following weeks and months to prepare for the winter.


Now back to Austria: I was able to meet up with Nick Alexander, my teammate from Lebanon, NH, who has been living in Austria for the past couple summers. He came and picked me up when I arrived at the Munich Airport and drove me to Ramsau. We have trained together a couple times in Ramsau and it was good to see him again. I was going to go to Bischofshofen to train on the K120 but I was unable to find a ride in time. This past week, Andreas has been in Oberstdorf, GER at a training camp with his team, so I asked Hari Rodlauer if I could train with him. Hari is originally from Austria but is now the head trainer for the Italian Nordic Combined team. He was very kind and gracious to allow me to train with him and his team for 3 days. Together we worked on getting me to set a better on top inrun, and to push in a more direct line off the takeoff. Just by changing those little things, it is creating some ‘new’ foreign feelings in the first part of the flight, but these are good steps in the right direction.

I am in Ramsau for one more week before heading up to Norway on Sept 6th. I might have a day trip or two to train on a big hill in Bischofshofen or Garmisch, but I am content if it does not work out. I will head up to Norway with Nick A on the 6th and meet up with Clint, Anders, and Pete in Lillehammer. I hope to get two weeks of training in while Nick A, Anders and Pete compete in Continental Cups before heading to Sweden for the FIS cups in Falun. I’m excited for the upcoming month in Europe, through my training in Europe and back in the US, I will get my jumping in much better shape for the winter.


Viele Gruß,



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