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Long Term Goals:

- Have Fun!

- Enjoy Every Situation and Not Letting Others Bring Me Down

- Being One of the Top Ski Jumper's in the World

- Olympic Medal

- World Cup Wins

- Consistently Top 10 in World Cups

- Help Others and Make a Positive Impact on Their Lives.

- Become a Philanthropist and Help Others Achieve their Goals.

2011 Winter Season

Jump Training:

- Enjoy every moment, and don't get to caught up on bad Jumps.

- Just Letting Things Happen on the Jump, and not trying to Force Things while Jumping.

- Smooth Push Down on the Takeoff and Allowing Myself to Keep Going Away from the Hill.

Competition Goals:

- Top 10 Finishes in Continental Cups.

- Multiple Top 30 Finishes in World Cups.

- Podium Finishes in FIS Cups.

- Enjoy the Events and stay Focused but not to Take Things too Seriously.

2011 Dry Land Training:

- Add More Cardio to My Training

- Strengthen My Back

- Increase Overall Flexibility, with more attention on my Back, Shoulders, and Hips

- Actively Enjoy Training, and not just going "through the motions."

- Become More Aware of what I do off the Hill and how it can Affect my Training, Both Positively and Negatively.

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