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I have grown up playing many sports and trying many things. I enjoy participating in many sports such as; Skiing, Water Skiing, Lacrosse, Soccer, and many others, but the one thing I have loved the most is Ski Jumping.

I started alpine skiing when I was two years old and always enjoyed skiing fast and going off the jumps on the ski slopes, so you can see how ski jumping easily appealed to me.

I have been ski jumping since I was six years old. My sister started ski jumping at the Andover Outing Club, in Andover, New Hampshire, when I was 5 years old. My Mom always took me to the ski jumps in Andover to watch my sister jump. So when I got a chance to try jumping, I never looked back.

I have always loved ski jumping, there has been it's ups and downs, but to me, it has never lost it's ability to be fun.

I had always tried to keep school at the same level as ski jumping all the way through high school and wanted to do the same through college. Unfortunately, it wasn't to easy. I went to Westminster College for the 2007 Fall semester and enrolled in the Aviation program that they offered. I had an awesome time at school but too much time was being taken away from Jumping. I had to ask myself whether to continue ski jumping or to go to school. I talked to countless number of people who have influenced my life in different ways, trying to get help on the decision I had to make. A large majority of them said that I had put so much effort into ski jumping to stop now, and that I could always go back to school later in life.

I made the decision to withdraw from my classes and to become a full time ski jumper. I plan on re-enrolling after ski jumping and continuing in an aviation program to fulfill my strong desire to fly.

As for now, I love ski jumping and I enjoy the awesome feeling of flying through the air and the rush I get in every jump. My goal is to be one the best ski jumpers in the world. I have the confidence to do it, I know it will take lots of hard work, and I believe it is a very possible feat.


Keep your eyes on your Goals, and NEVER doubt yourself

(PS. A Special Thanks to my Cousin, Matt Rooke, who did most of the work setting up and developing this site!)

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