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Nicholas Robert Fairall

  • Birthday- July 6, 1989
  • Home Town- Andover, NH
  • Club- Andover Outing Club
  • Height- 181cm
  • Hobbies- Aviation, Golf, Target Shooting, Lacrosse, Soccer, Water Skiing, Volleyball, Hanging Out with Friends.
  • Skis/Helmets/Boots- Atomic/Uvex/Rass


    • Favorite Sport: Ski Jumping
    • Favorite Color: Blue
    • Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Tenders
    • Favorite Vacation: Hawange, Zimbabwe
    • Favorite Place: Home
    • Favorite Book: “The Power Of One,”  “The Eight,” & "Go Long"
    • Favorite Movie: The Boondock Saints
    • Favorite Music: Tool, Muse, A Perfect Circle, Rise Against, Neil Young, etc.
    • Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Simpson, Entourage


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